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During the last few months, lots of people all around the world chose the Master Program in Data Science for their future career update. The first group of students already told us what kind of skills want to learn. This fall we spent a lot of time, changing the program and the curriculum, we contacted new companies and experts with impressive skills and stunning CV which supported the program. The curriculum will answer the needs of our students and will help them to develop their career rapidly. This feedback make us confident that we provide the best educational product!

If you want to participate in THE CHANGE, fill the survey! The result will be really good designed program, which is both updated to all sought by employers skills and perfect for your level and interests! This is not an ordinary survey with a frequently asked questions, so fill free to share your opinion with us! In the end, we will give you our feedback what and when we can change, listening to your opinion and desire.

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NEW Possible Careers

• Data Analyst
• Data Architect
• Data Engineer
• Data Scientist
• Marketing Analyst
• Business Analyst

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• We precisely identified the program focus and all core coursework. This information will helps you to take the best possible decision for your future education.
• You will find information about VFU, our accreditation and past expirience in computer science area.
• In our guide you will find information about all lecturers and consultants and some of the companies - leaders on the market, which are our partners.

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Join QUERYADA - the best data mining competition in Bulgaria!

Round 1:

15.10.2016 - Individual session, complete from your own university or school. 25 tasks for 45 min, SQL, online assessment. The best 75 participants qualify for next round.

Round 2:

22.10.2016 - Team session, participants are organized in teams either by the organizers or by themselves. Every team works on one PC. 25 tasks for 150 min., SQL, solving a task accumulates into points which open the next task. All participants qualify for next round.

Round 3:

23.10.2016 - Team session, questions and tasks with SPARQL.

Testing yourself, competences and skills, meeting experts, friendships, national rang list, awards, certificates, seminar etc.

Department of Computer Science and Economics @ Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" is organizing each year a competition for data mining. Since 2015 year, when was held the first queryada, more and more students from high schools and universities in Bulgaria are enrolling the competing teams.

• You can join queryada this Octomber. This will helps you to test your skills and to prepare for your future Data Science career!

• For more information, visit our web page: