Join QUERYADA - the best data mining competition in Bulgaria!

Round 1:

15.10.2016 - Individual session, complete from your own university or school. 25 tasks for 45 min, SQL, online assessment. The best 75 participants qualify for next round.

Round 2:

22.10.2016 - Team session, participants are organized in teams either by the organizers or by themselves. Every team works on one PC. 25 tasks for 150 min., SQL, solving a task accumulates into points which open the next task. All participants qualify for next round.

Round 3:

23.10.2016 - Team session, questions and tasks with SPARQL.

Testing yourself, competences and skills, meeting experts, friendships, national rang list, awards, certificates, seminar etc.

Department of Computer Science and Economics @ Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" is organizing each year a competition for data mining. Since 2015 year, when was held the first queryada, more and more students from high schools and universities in Bulgaria are enrolling the competing teams.

• You can join queryada this Octomber. This will helps you to test your skills and to prepare for your future Data Science career!

• For more information, visit our web page:



• Queryada is a National competition in data mining for high school and university students. Our goal is to increase interest in IT as a whole; to improve student's skills on SQL; to motivate work with semantic data; to provide challenge; to give provocation with equal start; to give initial steps towards an area that is most used in practice; to connect employees with students in the fastest way ...

• It is no longer enough to earn a traditional master’s degree in Data Science. To succeed in this field today, you need an interdisciplinary education built from the ground up to provide the skills employers demand. That’s why we designed the #VFU`s Master Program in Data Science with input from business and industry leaders like Ontotext AD, Altscale and ADASTRA BULGARIA EOOD. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is built to help you become a capable and well-rounded data science professional ...

• Our special book for little data scientist is coming soon, so please be patient and chek the web site again after a week ;) ...